Welcome to my Blog!

Hello, everyone!

I am very excited to start up my new Website and my new Photoblog!

A little bit about me:

I live in Sydney with my husband and my two boys. My main interests in Photography are Landscape, Architecture, and Panoramic imagery. Well, I probably shoot way too many flowers and I also love long exposure photography, in particular for waterfronts or waterfalls. I like to document skylines but I also love nature and love to travel.

But no matter what category I venture in, for me, the most important thing is that every photo has to tell a story. And this is mainly what I am trying to do with this blog, to share some of the stories behind the photos with you, and also share some of the experiences I had in the process. All photographers out there, hobbyists or professional, know that it is not always an easy ride! In my photos, I am not only trying to reproduce reality but to improve it, to make it fit more with my vision of it.

Please, feel free to look around and if you feel like it, comment on my work, or on my blogs, or just say Hi!

Please, follow along and we are going to have some fun!

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